Timetable / Admission Fees

Timetable / Admission Fees

Our tours take place daily at the following times:

January every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
noon, 01:30pm
FebruaryCompany holidays
March 1st to 31thnoon, 01:30pm, 03:00pm
April 1st to October 31th10:30am, 11:15am, noon, 12:45pm, 01:30pm, 02:15pm, 03:00pm, 03:45pm, 04:30pm
November 1st to November 30thnoon, 01:30pm, 03:00pm
Decemberevery Thursday, Friday, Saturday and 26th and 30th
noon, 01:30pm
Additional tours on request


Admission fees

Adults 11,50 €
Children (age 4 to 13)5,00 €
Youth (age 14 to 17)7,50 €



On this map, the basins we will be passing through on our tour are highlighted in red. The vessel symbol marks the pier from which the harbour tour starts.