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Coca Cola 1,2,30,3l3,20€0,5l5,20€
Cola light 1,2,3,0,3l3,20€0,5l5,20€
Fanta 1,3,40,3l3,20€0,5l5,20€
Spezi 1,2,3,40,3l3,20€0,5l5,20€
Sprite 30,3l3,20€0,5l5,20€
Vilsa medium0,3l2,50€0,5l4,50€
Apple spritzer 1,30,3l3,20€0,5l5,20€
Orange juice 30,3l3,50  
Capri-Sun Orange 30,2l1,20  


König Pilsener  (draft)0,3l3,50€0,5l5,20€
König Pilsener alkoholfree (bottled)0,33l3,20€  
Benediktiner Hefe (bottled)0,5l5,20€  
Benediktiner Hefe alkoholfree (bottled)0,5l5,20€  


Längengrad 8 dry0,2l4,80€ bottle0,75l15,50€
Portugieser red wine dry0,2l4,80€
... as bottle1,0l22,00€
White wine / red wine spritzer0,2l3,80€

Coffee, Tea & Co

Coffee filter coffeeMug 2,90€
Pharisär coffee,cream and 2 cl rumMug 4,80€
Cacao Mug 3,50€
...with creamMug 4,10€
Lumumba cacao with 2cl rumMug 5,80€
Süße Tante coffee,cream and 2cl whiskey liqueurMug 5,80€
Sturmhaube cacao,cream and 2cl grappaMug 5,80€
Grog of 4 cl rumGlass 4,50€
Tea with 2 cl rumGlass 5,20€
Darjeeling TeaGlass 3,40€
Peppermint TeaGlass 3,40€
Fruit TeaGlass 3,40€

Longdrink 4cl

Campari - Orange5,50€
Aperol-Spritz Prosecco with Aperol und water6,20€


Wattenläuper Küstenkräuter32%2cl2,50€
Dooleys cream liqueur17%2cl2,50€
Kleiner Feigling Wodka20%2cl2,50€
Alpenschnaps Marille35%2cl2,50€
Fiete's Möwenschiß cherry20%2cl2,50€
Norddeutsch Roulette12 Shots 22,00€

Snacks & Food

Sausage 5,6 with custard j  or ketchup and toast 6,a3,80€
Sausage with potato salad d,a,b 5,6 with custard j  or ketchup 5,80€
Pretzel filled with butter6,al,hl4,10€
Apple pie e,6,c
Cream 60,60€

Prices include service and 19% value added tax.
1 food coloring 2 caffeine 3 sweetener 4, quinole yellow
a wheat a1 rye a2 oats a3 barley e peanuts almonds f soja j custards k sesame a4 yeast h1 hazelnuts g milk 1 food coloring 5 antioxidant 6 preservatives c egg h2 walnuts

For Groups of 10 or more people

1 Fish roll + 1x 0,3l beer or softdrink7,90€
Reception with sparkling wine 1/2 hour before bording6,90€
Breakfast on our ship: mixes plates with sandwiches an bread rolls; 1 glass orangejuice an coffee14,90€
... with 1 glass of sparkling wine16,90€
1 plate of pea soup or potatoe-soup with 1 sausage8,90€
1 plate chili con carne with baguette8,90€
Cheesekake with cream + 1 mug of coffee6,90€
3 cookies + 1 mug of coffee6,60€
Raspberry creams cheese cake + 1 mug of coffee7,80€
Marzipan Gateau + 1 mug of coffee7,80€
Original Black Forest Gateau + 1 mug of coffee7,80€
Applepie with cream + 1 mug of coffee6,20€